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Mortein Mosquito Repellant Liquid Refill


Reckitt Benckiser




Mortein (Smart) – Device + Refill – 45ml
New Mortein SMART liquid vaporizer offers 100% continuous protection from dengue/malaria mosquitoes. It’s smart chip ensures that it shifts between power mode and normal mode automatically thereby eliminating any need for manual intervention by the user to achieve optimum protection for her family at all times. It also prevents excessive vapors as it shifts between power mode and normal mode regularly. It’s double TFT formula starts working in 5 minutes and the liquid vaporizer refill shall last for 60 nights on approved use of 8 hours. starts protection from dengue mosquitoes in 5 minutes under test conditions. based on 100% landing and biting inhibition against dengue/malaria mosquitoes after 35 minutes of product exposure under standard test conditions.


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