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Thank OD Cream



Information about Thank OD Cream

Thank OD Cream contains dry extract of Euphorbia prostrata that provides apigenin and luteolin flavonoids, and gallic acid, ellagic acid, and tannins phenolic acids in a base of cream. The piles cream benefits those suffering from hemorrhoids as it relieves associated symptoms such as bleeding, itching, discomfort, proctitis, and pain due to prolapse.

The ingredients in Thank OD Cream decrease inflammatory mediator activity to reduce inflammation.
Phenolic acids boost blood coagulation to curtail bleeding, and confer antioxidant effects.
Flavonoids, reduce aggregation of blood cells, enhance capillary resistance and prevent capillary permeability to maintain capillary tone, help in wound healing, and reduce pain. Tannins promote wound healing and reduce bleeding.

Use under medical supervision


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