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Vibrania Soft Gelatin Capsule



Information about Vibrania Soft Gelatin Capsule

Vibrania capsule is a brand of Benfotiamine, Mecobalamin, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Pyridoxine, Folic acid, Chromium and Inositol

Key benefits of Vibrania capsule:
Benfotiamine increases transketolase activity, that can, in turn, decreases the buildup of detrimental glucose metabolites that can lead to advanced glycation end products (AGE), which may lead to diabetic complications. Benfotiamine also prevents diabetic retinopathy.
Benfotiamine and alpha-lipoic acid should be considered as first choices among pathogenetically oriented treatments of diabetic neuropathy.
Chromium and Inositol improve glucose metabolism & enhances muscle insulin sensitivity.

Safety information:
Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Use under medical supervision.


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