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Lizoforce Dry Syrup


Prescription Required
Mankind Pharma Ltd
Linezolid (100mg/5ml)
Store below 30°C



Lizoforce Dry Syrup is an antibiotic medicine. It helps cure a wide range of serious infections caused by resistant bacteria. These may include infections affecting the skin, soft tissues, bones, brain, heart, urinary tract, lungs, and blood. It also aids in the treatment of resistant tubercular infections.

Give Lizoforce Dry Syrup to your child orally, preferably at a fixed time, either before or after meals. In case your child develops a stomach upset, prefer giving it with meals. Adhere to the dose, time, and way prescribed by the doctor as that depends on the type and severity of the infection, your child’s age, and body weight. If your child vomits within 30 minutes of intake, repeat the same dose but do not double dose if it’s time for the next dose.

Taking this medicine may sometimes cause minor and temporary side effects. These include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and low blood cell count. These side effects almost always subside within a few days. However, in case these side effects persist or bother your child, it would be best to consult your child’s doctor without any delay.

Your child’s doctor should be aware of your child’s complete medical history, including any previous episode of allergy, heart problem, liver impairment, blood disorder, eye disorder, and kidney malfunction. Do tell the doctor if your child is taking any other medicine too. This information is critical for dose alterations and for planning your child’s overall treatment.


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